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Personal Training


Do you want to feel better in your body? Move pain free? Take on new adventures and grow old gracefully?


Our bodies were meant to move but today’s lifestyle has many of us sitting at a desk for hours on end, hunched over a computer, leaving many of us with sore backs, tense shoulders and a big belly.


Movement is magic! Starting where you are at, I help you increase your strength and endurance through one-on-one exercise coaching. My super power is knowing exactly what you need during our session together, whether that is a challenging workout or a session of more stretching. Over time you will get back in touch with your body, feel your own strength and power and find more ease in everyday living. 


Whether you want to lose weight and tone your body or get overall better fitness, I can help you get there.

Training sessions can be held in person in my beautiful home based gym or virtually through a zoom video call. For virtual training all you need is about a 4’ X 6’ clear space and we will work with whatever equipment you have in your home. No equipment? No problem! Your own body weight provides an excellent workout! In person or virtually, I will show you the exercise and help you align your body properly through verbal cuing to ensure you get a safe and effective workout. 

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