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Personal Training and Health Coaching

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Here's what clients are saying about Deirdre

Meredith Roberts

Deidre is amazing! Over the course of 90 days she helped me create better habits around eating by making it simple. She really listened to what I was struggling with, and every week she helped me get more and more clear on how to work through my resistance to exercise and eating, on the mental level. She walked me through mental exercises to really understand who I was and what I wanted! Thank you Deidre for your guidance and support! I feel strong and healthy and know that the tools you have given me will serve me long into the future!

Tracey Bean

A friend referred me to Deidre Derby as I was looking for personal training services. I was pleased that she, through her company Dragonfly Vitality, could provide virtual training via Zoom, especially through the Covid lock-downs earlier this year. The service has been professional, timely and has been customized to fit my goals and the equipment at my disposal. The sessions over Zoom are convenient, and given the ease of access with no commute, it fits very well into my busy schedule. The workouts are sufficiently intense and I am already seeing material progress in the first 5 months with Deidre. I would be happy to recommend her personal training services.

                  Karen Porter

I absolutely love the Dragonfly Vitality Online Fitness Channel! Deirdre Derby has included a ton of different videos to choose from - HIIT, barre, strength training, yoga, and plenty of cardio! I get such a great workout! She really explains why particular moves are being done and what areas benefit. She offers plenty of modifications based on your fitness level. Deirdre is very authentic and she works hard along with you!

                    Diane Marven

Deirdre has helped me to keep moving for years despite the many interruptions to my exercise routines due to injuries. It is tough to keep moving when you are in pain but she can find a way to breakdown exercises to meet you where you are at. Even the smallest steps over a period of time can move you forward when you are consistent. I have been working out and making nutritional changes with Deirdre for over 20 years. She helped my daughter who at one point was out of breath walking down the street to completing the Guelph triathlon. This not only helped her to feel better but has built her confidence to believe that she can move forward to feeling better. I think it is easy to forget how vitally important it is that we keep moving and taking responsibility for what we give our bodies to work with. No matter where you are at in how you serve your body Deirdre’s background, knowledge and experiences allows her to be able to meet you where you are at and be able to personalize a program that fits you. She can take the overwhelming out of making changes. Most of all you will feel better about yourself and the life you have🤗 Thank you Deirdre and thank you for continuing to make a difference in my life!


Deidre is an amazing yoga instructor. She brings great energy; a calming energy that encourages me to listen to my body and strengthen my own yoga practice. Deidre has great language skills, she details movements in a very fluid and comprehensive manner. She is kind, encouraging and makes the class really enjoyable. I look forward to Wednesday night yoga - even when I’m tired and don’t feel like going out I get myself there because I always feel I shed the stress of the week, strengthen my mind, body and spirit. Thanks Deidre

Neil Wesener

I came to Deirdre several years ago at a weight pushing 250 lbs and with a lot of dangerous health problems. With her help, I am in a much happier chapter of my life, and about 40 lbs lighter. I can run 5 km, I can play sports with my kids, I can see muscles on me that I didn't know existed before, and I have a lot more strength and endurance that I never had before. I'm probably the healthiest I've ever been in my life. She'll encourage you, she'll push you, and if you will put in the work, she won't let you give up on yourself. Deirdre wasn't just a personal trainer for me, she was a guide that walked with me on my journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Alanna Brown

I have been training with Deirdre for over two years now and she has provided me with the guidance and the support to foster a healthier, more active lifestyle. Not only have I experienced a transformation on the outside (with the loss of many pounds and inches), but I also feel different on the inside too -more energetic, more adventurous, more youthful and just happier! Deirdre takes the time to listen to your goals and she will help you to achieve them.

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