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The biggest challenge in life is staying on course when your feeling that irresistible urge to stop! I've had conversations with my clients about motivation and trying to stay motivated but the truth is many times the motivation just isn't there! Sometimes eating a healthy meal, working out or writing your blog is the last thing you feel like doing! So how do you find the strength to do it?

If I'm being totally honest I'm not feeling an ounce of motivation today! I feel like curling up with a hot chocolate and a good movie! But that won't pay the bills, get dinner ready or write this blog. But remembering how good you will feel when you have done it helps. And I know that if I push through the thick times I will become stronger! Like when you're running and it gets really tough but you only have a few more meters/seconds to go to reach your goal; stop giving energy to the voice that is telling you to stop and give the energy to the little train that could, "I know I can, I know I can", and before you know it you'll be done!

This applies to more than just workouts, it applies to any goals you are trying to reach. Trying to run a new business or change your lifestyle? You're going to experience backlash. You're friends and family may need time to adjust. They may even push you not to change. Trust me, it will happen! I can't tell you how many times I have had to sit beside my husband eating a bag of potato chips while I am trying to keep off junk food! If your goal is important enough then remind yourself of why you are doing it and keep going. Just like Dory sings "just keep swimming, just keep swimming"!

If it gets really tough take a few moments to breath. Feel the ground underneath you and listen to the sounds around you. Remember you are safe and secure and you will get through this! And as I write this I confess that I am writing it just as much for me as for you! I struggle with these demons as much as the next person. Together we can get through it!

p.s. I wrote this blog on March 1st and it's now March 27th! I was waiting for the right moment, to add to this a bit, to perfect it! And then I realized if I kept waiting it would just never get published! Just another example of how we can't always wait for that moment to hit us! Like the Nike saying "Just Do It!"

I'd love to hear your feedback! email me at or post on my Facebook page fitnessderby. Happy Spring!


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