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Allow the Sweetness in Your Life

I love summer! And I hate summer! I came across a quote the other day that I think sums it up; "the mind loves adventure but the body loves routine!" Summer is a time when routine and the norm is out the window. This is good and it's bad, for me. Maybe for you it's the best time of year but I struggle. I'll tell you why.

I love warm weather! Like really, really love it! I feel like myself. When it's nice out I spend as much time as possible outside, even in 40 degree heat! I can't stand feeling cold! It makes me want to curl up under a blanket and do nothing. But when it's nice out-Aaah pure heaven for me! I love the smell of the the trees and flowers! I love eating fresh vegetables from my garden! I love sitting out in the morning and enjoying my coffee while the sun comes up. I love feeling the wind gently kiss my face. I love going on vacation and seeing new places and exploring new things! I love that it stays light till 9pm! I wish it could be like this all year and dread the coming of the winter months!

And yet I find summer the most difficult time for me mentally and emotionally. This summer has been especially hard in many ways. For the first time in two years my middle daughter came home from university for the summer. It is so nice to have her here and spend time with her. Who knows when it might be the last time she lives at home? However, we tend to butt heads. She has a very strong personality that I admire, except when it is directed at me! Carl Jung said "Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves" perhaps because we see a lot of that quality in ourselves?

Furthermore, while on vacation this summer my husband broke his ankle and his thumb (long story!) He is working from home and is unable to do many of the chores he usually helps out with. I also gave up my car to my daughter so she could have a job over the summer. It's for a short time but you don't realize how much you rely on something until it's no longer available. And to top it all off I made a last minute decision to adopt two kittens! I love them to death but it is like having two 2 years olds in the house!

Consequently with all these changes I have a very full house all of the time. With so many people (and animals) home the mess is out of control! There are dishes everywhere all the time! The shoes at the front door make it difficult to enter the house! It's almost impossible to find a quiet spot. All of this leaves me feeling out of sorts, flustered and very tired!

Solution? First of all I need to start practicing what I preach-Self Care! I need to let go. Let go of the mess for now. Let go of some of the to do list I planned to get done over the summer. Let go of this desire I have to have it all under control!

I need to take time for me: meditate, yoga, read, take a bath-BREATHE! These warm months in Canada are so brief! I need to start enjoying it and just let the roller coaster continue on! Before I know it this too will be over and I'll probably miss it! Just enjoy the ride!

I made the decision to focus more on myself throughout August and it has been great-not less busy strangely enough-but I've become more clear about what I want in my life. And I've realized how much I've grown. It's great to reflect every once in a while.

September is just around the corner and it'll be time to get back to it! I am excited to see you all again! I know after a break I'm always raring to go! So look out! And get ready to sweat!! Ha ha!


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