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Back To Life!

The end of summer indicates the start of a new year and new beginnings. During the summer routines are lax, school is out, we go on vacations, and everything just seems a little less intense!

This makes September time to get back to routine, perhaps return to a fitness routine, clean up our eating and get to work!

Oh No! Please say it isn't so!

I'm sorry, but yes, it's time!

Don't try to do it all at once. Make a list of what things you want to put into place and tackle them one at a time. Small changes equal big results!

If you've got kids going back to school, use the first week to get that routine down. Chances are their in some activities that hopefully don't start till the next week, so use that week to get that routine started!

"But whose making dinner?" You ask?

I actually love this time of year for dinners cause I'm starting to get sick of the BBQ and fresh veggies are abundant! So some yummy soups or stews can be prepped ahead of time, nourish us, and feel so comforting!

And the best way to get that done is to plan! Plan out your meals the weekend before, shop accordingly and half the work is done!

Now it's time for your fitness! Get started now! Whether it's once a week or more, don't delay. Join a fitness class with a friend. Check out the new local gym or see if there are any home based studios in your neighbourhood. Start a running group! Make it fun!

Was that so hard? Every step you take, however small it is, is still a step! Eventually you will look back and not even remember how you got here!

Enjoy the changes that Fall brings with it as it also brings lots of possibilities! And if I can help you with any of those changes please contact me!



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